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Lines from a SHINING LAND

The Britain-Myanmar Society offers its first publication -
Lines from a Shining Land,
to celebrate its own 40th anniversary and Myanmar's 50th.

Try out an illustrated preview on this web site.

"To many who have lived there" (says the preface), "this has been a shining land, whose light has touched them in ways they find hard to communicate to friends and countrymen... The generation that still remembers colonial times in Myanmar will soon be gone; and foreigners who have lived in Myanmar since Independence in 1948 are also few because the country's leaders sought seclusion. Lines from a Shining Land allows the privileged few to pass on their experience to the many, before it is too late."

Our 33 contributors include some well-known names, but please don't expect to find portentous doings by important people. This is the story of Stella, Maureen, Evelyn and other children and young adults - diplomats, soldiers, wives etc, who were privileged to live in Myanmar between about 1910 and 1980, and are now very happy to pass on their experiences to the world. "Worms-eye views of history from the bottom up, rather than the usual top down", is how one reader put it.

Nevertheless, the book has already come in for a lot of praise from Westerners and even some Myanmars. The visual approach is well received - and readers who already love Myanmar especially appreciate it, so presumably they find some genuine magic there.

Judge for yourself from richly-illustrated excerpts on this web site.