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Planet Myanmar - Calendar of Events 2000/2001
REFERENCE! Comprehensive Calendar of Myanmar Nat and Pagoda Festivals for the Year 2000.
Britain-Myanmar Society
Regular meetings are at: the Medical Society of London, 11 Chandos Street, LONDON W.1.
Admission is £5.00 per person.
Meetings are confined to members and their guests - and are subject to reporting restrictions.
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Thu 3rd February 2000
Diplomatic Incursions, 1995-99 Flier for membersSummary for members
by Pam and Robert Gordon

Duties in Yangon did not prevent Robert Gordon (HM Ambassador) and his Pam (teacher) from getting up country, by car, elephant, jungle railway and river boat, from the Chin Hills all the way across to Tenasserim. For their four children these were adventures on which to make new friends. Their story is illustrated with colour transparencies.
Monday 5th February 2001
"A Myanmar Time Capsule"Flier for membersSummary for members
by Joanna Wright

A recent find of over 450 glass plate negatives of exceptional quality, taken by Max and Bertha Ferrars in the late 1890s, has come to light in the Royal Geographical Society Picture Library. The photographs have opened a startling window on the long-vanished face of Myanmar a century ago, including many pictures from Shan State and frontier areas as well as the centres of civilization. Joanna Wright, the RGS's Picture Library Manager, will show a slection of these unique images, and ask the audience's help in identifying the places and situations, since captions for the photos have still to be supplied.
Tuesday 7th March 2000
Life and Buddhism in a Myanmar Village Flier for membersSummary for members
by Naoko Kumada
Cambridge anthropologist Naoko Kumada has recently spent two years in a village near Pakokku, where the Chindwin meets the Irrawaddy. As she coaxed her way into the life of the village, she was fascinated by the way the Buddhist religion was intimately fused with everything else - social relationships, economics, even politics, in addition to the customs and ceremonies of daily life.
Thursday, 15th March 2001
Folk Tales of Myanmar Flier for membersSummary for members
by Gerry Abbott and Daw Khin Thant Han
Gerry Abbott has been the author of a succession of books, on his own experiences in Myanmar and those of past travellers.

Last year he joined with his wife, Daw Khin Thant Han, in quite a different project - the making of an academic tome on the folk tales of Myanmar, which included translations of scores of them, from many different ethnic groups.

Tuesday 2nd May 2000
  New Ways to Beat Malaria Flier for membersSummary for members
by HE Dr Kyaw Win,
Myanmar Ambassador to the UK.

Some old diseases are coming back with new force, and malaria is one of them.
Dr Kyaw Win, who has specialised in the study of malaria and its treatment for most of his life, will look at the problem and international thinking, and what teatments are now being pursued in Myanmar, illustrating his talk with colour transparencies.
Thursday 10th May 2001
  By Car to Mong Lar Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members
by Vicky Bowman,

Vicky Bowman (shown in Akha headgear) was Third, then Second Secretary at the British Embassy in Yangon from 1990 to 1993. Now she is stationed in Brussels, but her time in Myanmar left a permanent mark on her. In December 2000 she went back there for another visit - this time to the far east of Shan State, driving a Japanese four-wheeel-drive up from Tachilek to Kengtung, and from there to Mong Lar on the Chinese border.
Tuesday 27th June 2000
Border Minorities Revisited Flier for membersSummary for members
by Martin Smith
Martin Smith, author of the definitive work Burma - Insurgency and the Politics of Ethnicity - has continued to revisit ethnic minority regions throughout the past decade. Tonight he describes a complex pattern of ethnic politics and aspirations.
Wednesday 20th June 2001
December in Yangon Flier for members
by Daw Tin Tin Myaing (Brenda)
Daw Tin Tin Myaing is a long-standing member of our Council who also organized a symposium in honour of her father, U Pe Maung Tin, in 1998. She has a degree in education, and when she went to Myanmar in December 2000 she found herself caught up in a number of different educational events, and witnessed the opening of the Resource Centre for Ancient Myanmar Manuscripts and the New Century Resource Centre. Today she invites us to share her slide and video scrapbook of her trip.

Sunday 2nd September 2001
The Britain-Myanmar Society Boat Trip
The boat trip was held on the m.v. Golden Salamander, and 150 members and guests spent four hours on the Thames, meeting, eating Myanmar food, chatting and joining in party games, with some song and Myanmar dance.

Tickets were £10.00 per adult, £5.00 per child under 12.

Tuesday 3rd October 2000
The October Reception
An opportunity to start off the new season by meeting our Chairman and Council, and drinking wine with other members. There will also be an exhibition of photos of Myanmar by the British female photographer Joey Bieber, and displays of Myanmar lacquer and recent books about Myanmar.
Wednesday, 3rd October 2001
The October Reception

Members - and a number of new students of Myanmar at SOAS - were welcomed by our Chairman, John Okell and Deputy Chairman, Dr Tin May Aye, over wine and samosas. A young Myanmar dancer Ma Khin Khin Htwe gracefully performed for us (though she is not the one shown). In the lecture room nearby, several recent authors among our members signed first editions of their books.

Thursday 9th November 2000
“White on White” Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members

by Tiffany White
As a child, Tiffany was fascinated by her grandfather's stories of life in Myanmar - jungles, pagodas, balloonists and political intrigue. AJS White had spent 16 years in Myanmar between the wars, as an Indian Civil Servant. The country left a profound impression on him - enough to inspire a book of memoirs, The Burma of AJ. Little did Tiffany know that as an adult she would be posted by the Foreign Office to work (as Second Secretary) in the country her grandfather had so loved.
Grandfather's memoirs in hand, she retraced his footsteps through the paddy fields and backstreets of Myanmar. And Myanmar and its people inspired, captivated and confused her just as they had her grandfather.

Thursday, 8th November 2001
The Meaning of Wa Flier for members
by Justin Watkins

Justin Watkins has an excellent grasp of English, which is just as well because he needs it - in addition to Chinese, Myanmar and Wa - in his work compiling a Wa-Myanmar-Chinese-English dictionary.
The Wa, who are Justin's speciality, have long been the stuff of other people's demonologies - with the reputation of head junters, Communist foot soldiers and more recently drug warriors. Today the million-odd Wa people merit our attention more than ever before - and Justin Watkins, who is Lecturer in Myanmar at SOAS, is one of the few specialists in them. His book, The Phonetics of Wa will be published early in 2002.
Thursday 14th December 2000
"Spirit Journey from Shwegu"
Flier for membersSummary on e-mail for members
by Mandy Sadan
From 1996 a chain of circumstsnces led Mandy Pearson, as she then was, to become one of the few people outside Myanmar to have explored the multi-layered spirit world of Jinghpaw traditional religion. In this quest, she spent two years learning the Jinghpaws' sacred ritual language. Tonight she leads us through the central Mangbru ceremony, never seen outside Myanmar.

Thursday, 13th December 2001
Yangon Revisited Flier for members
by Robert H Taylor

Robert H Taylor is a former Professor of South-East Asian Politics at SOAS and Vice-Chancellor at Buckingham University. He is author of The State in Burma and much else. He has been closely acquainted with Myanmar from the 1970s onwards. In this evening's lecture he makes comparisons between the city of Yangon as he found it in October, with what he saw on previous visits.
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