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Free Software

This page provides links to sites offering free software.
If you have had trouble on any pages of this Britain-Myanmar web site,
a fresh browser or plug-in will probably help.
We offer the choice of three browsers, plus one plug-in.
Just click on a button on the left, to be taken to the relevant download site.

The free Mozilla Firefox browser, with its many new features, has been taking the market by storm. And the Mozilla Thunderbird email program, which goes with it, has the advantage of being non-Microsoft, which means that few if any viruses have been written to subvert it.
Internet Explorer
The latest version of Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer, available for free download.
Netscape Now
The latest free Internet browser from Netscape (8.1). Many pages on this web site will unfortunately not work properly on some older versions of Netscape.
The free Flash plug-in - for either Firefox, Internet Explorer or Netscape - is essential for viewing today's web sites, including this one.