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Planet Myanmar - Nat-Pwe: Burma's Supernatural Subculture

NAT-PWE: Burma's Supernatural Subculture
by Yves Rodrigue
Nat-Pwe illuminates the still active nat cults of present-day Myanmar. Many people, men and women, choose to dedicate their lives by marrying a nat through lengthy and elaborate initiation rites. Beneath the surface of Myanmar's austere anti-ritualistic Theravada Buddhist faith lies this fantastic world of extravagant costume, ecstatic music and flamboyant dance, a sub-culture peopled by transsexuals who perform their theatrical rites that so beautifully blend music and dance with iconography and mysticism.

Noel F Singer has contributed a full set of colour paintings of the 37 lords.
1992, paper back, 136 pages in colour and B & W
PRICE: 17.95 or US$27.00