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Planet Myanmar - Old Rangoon: City of the Shwe Dagon
OLD RANGOON: City of the Shwe Dagon
by Noel F Singer
With much enjoyable anecdote, Noel Singer narrates the city's origins and development, before the British annexation and after. The book is extravagantly illustrated with period photographs, post cards and engravings. These historic pictures are complemented by present-day colour shots that reveal the splendid architectural heritage of Myanmar's capital.

As the Colonial city vanishes before so-called modernisation, this book provides a lasting monument to the splendid vestiges of a bygone era.
1995, 220 pages - Colour, duotone and B & W photos
PRICE:25.00 or US$40.00
In 1892, the old wooden Residence, which had been considered inadequate as early as 1872, was demolished to make way for a new brick Government House. The building cost 40,000 to build, and was of red and yellow brick and terracotta. The author, G.E. Mitton, who was a guest, said in her "A Bachelor Girl in Burma" that it had been "designed to give space and air. The hall runs right up to a dome, and the upper stories are carried round it in a series of white arcades. The handsomely carved teak staircase is in two branches, passing up two sides. The floor is of mosaic, and a high arch opposited the entrace shows a glimpse of one of the most magnificent ball-rooms in the world". She stated that the walls were decorated with "fine specimens of Burmese wood-carving" and other objects; this contradicts present day suggestions that the arts of the country were never given pride of place by the British government.
Mitton noted that while the ground floor was guarded by white-clad Indians, with daggers in their belts, the downstairs servants were mostly Burmans, with "turbans and lyungyis of the purest purple, with snowy white engies or jackets".