Direct help for the people affected by Cyclone Nargis
No overheads, no international expenses - every goes to help the Delta people.

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My name is May Tha-Hla, born in Myanmar, now living with my husband Jon in England. We became so frustrated by the failure of aid to get through to this catastrophe that we decided to take action. We have already raised over 30,000 purely from friends, contacts, and their passing the message on.
  • I made my first visit to Yangon between May 22nd and June 3rd, taking as much cash as I could safely carry. I have visited Burma at least 50 times over the past 15 years and have all the friends and contacts necessary. I am completely bilingual.
  • Our focus this trip was to get emergency food aid to people who had received little or no help. We achieved this by making three trips into the central-eastern delta by lorry, jeep, and boat. In total we were able to supply food for over 5000 people.
  • In addition, we gave donations to local organizations for further humanitarian and medical aid.
  • After I left, we funded our relief team to travel to the far western edge of the delta and hire a boat to reach villages that we had heard desperately needed assistance.
  • Affairs in Myanmar are being managed in my absence by a friend of ours, Mrs Tin Ohnmar Tun, a senior lawyer who also offers a totally safe way of transmitting money to Burma via her Singapore office.
  • My sister-in-law, Wah Wah, and her team of workers, will organize and carry out direct help to affected areas. She has excellent contacts with suppliers - in fact there is no shortage of food for purchase in Yangon.
  • While there, I also identified local organizations who can deliver food and medical help, or are running orphanages for affected children. The Burmese are extremely capable people, and it is far more cost-effective to work through locals.
Both the short-term and longer-term needs are enormous. We are in the process of setting up as a registered charity and have committed ourselves to helping the people of the Delta for the foreseeable future. Please give what you can, and just as important circulate this to friends. Donation details are below. All contributions will be acknowledged - please let us have contact details.

By cheque to:
May Tha-Hla
7 Harvard Road
London W4 4EA
    By bank transfer to:
Barclays Bank
account name: M. Tha-Hla
account number: 90896179
Branch Code 20-23-55
IBAN: GB55 BARC 2023 5590 8961 79
This is an account dedicated to this fundraising. If you do choose to contribute, do let us know so that we can thank you and acknowledge your gift. We are happy to answer any questions, or to receive ideas for fundraising.