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Burma/Myanmar Web Sites

"BurmaNet News" (Opposition-run) - Although I mention this first, it's not a web site at all but a whacking great email mailing list originating in Thailand. News about Burma every day by email.  
" The Golden Land of Myanmar", i.e. the Myanmar Government's official home page. Features recent news stories carried in the Myanmar press, with links to newspapers, tourism, some Myanmar embassies around the world, some ministries, and a few human interest items - "Fashion Image" "Songs" "Horoscopes" "People" and "Art News". The Myanmar government is never the easiest to get information out of in the form that outsiders are very happy with - but some information there is, and with an attempt at colour and pleasant images.
The "Burma Campaign UK" home page - gives links to a number of news stories in which the Myanmar government appears in a particularly atrocious light, and it offers many ways in which members of the public can become involved in human rights or other campaigns, either by bringing pressure or donating something.
BBC Myanmar Service. Now you can hear the latest midnight GMT news in Burmese.
"Prospect Burma" web site Prospect Burma is a UK charity that offers scholarships to Myanmar students whom circumstances have forced to continue their education abroad. It is partly funded by the 1 million US dollars that was Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, and other prizes which she has won. The web site has a message from her plus a statement of aims and another on the current situation in Myanmar; also thanks from previous winners of scholarships; plus contact details and links to other Myanmar web sites. Prospect Burma would much welcome further donations.
"Forced Migration online" - This web site concentrates on exposing and bringing an end to cases of forced migration around the world, and discouraging tourists from visiting countries where forced migration takes place. Myanmar is one of the chief focuses of their attention, and the page to which we link gives a report made in August 2003 by Patricia Hynes, giving chapter and verse of the forced migration for which the Myanmar government is accused of being responsible.
Global Witness is an other organization dedicated to exposing and bringing to an end harmful practices around the world - this time concentrating on destruction of the environment, which can bring long-term economic ruin to a country. The link goes to their latest report on Myanmar - with the focus being on illegal logging of teak by Chinese and Thai companies.
" CIA WORLD FACTBOOK - BURMA" A vast compendium of statistics, together with an introduction, which between them make up the American perception of Myanmar. This is not a flattering one.
" Myanmar Student Help" A new web site designed for Myanmar students in the UK. It contains all the questions that Myanmar students in the UK would like to know the answers to - and gradually, these answers are being filled in too! This site is somewhat plagued with popups and other adverts which, we are promised, will soon be a thing of the past.
Burma/Myanmar Book Web Sites See separate list.
Lonely Planet Guide - Destination Myanmar. "Myanmar has suffered internal strife from a smorgasbord of dictators..." So it starts, and continues by giving pages and pages of facts, figures, pictures - everything you would expect of a guidebook to Myanmar - including a discussion of the ethical apects of tourism.
"The Burma Project" South-East Asia Intitiative - founded and funded by George Soros
Quoting from this web site: "The Burma Project, established by the Open Society Institute in 1994, is dedicated to increasing international awareness of conditions in Burma and to helping the country make the transition from a closed to an open society.
To this end, the Burma Project initiates, supports, and administers a range of programs and activities around the globe including:
  • Efforts by and for multiethnic, grassroots organizations dedicated to the restoration and preservation of fundamental freedoms, including political, economic, environmental, and human rights for all the people of Burma, regardless of race, ethnic background, age, or gender.
  • Education and training intiatives for Burmese from a wide variety of backgrounds who will play a role in a democratic Burma."
"Free Burma Coalition" According to a startling declaration on the home page this coalition, based on Wisconsin University, originally led the way in organizing boycotts and sanctions against the Myanmar government in the USA for many years - but now it has reversed its policy, believing that sanctions are counter-productive, and it now favours "travel and tourism, educational and cultural exchange, development activities aimed to support people's livelihoods, institutional and capacity building, and humanitarian assistance."
"Myanmar Web Sites" - a whole page of links to web sites related to Myanmar, with many different areas of interest (e.g. music, religion etc) and some political spread. No description of any web site, though - just a single slogan: May All Beings Be Happy!
"Some Links" - a German web page this time, with a list of useful links to other web sites related to Myanmar.
" Aung San Suu Kyi Home Page" (on the FreeBurma site). On the left, a slide-show of Daw ASSK - and on the right, links to her letters, interviews, comments, the "international response", and a chronology of her life
Free Burma Home Page. A rallying-point for opposition action, with details of a dozen international campaigns. This is a very large web site - of which the "Aung San Suu Kyi Home Page" (above) is just one part. Major sections are labelled "Introduction", "Education", "Reference", and "Activism". The last includes two sub-sections: "Boycott" and "Help Refugees"
"Myanmar Travel Asia" (alias - a very big web site, offering features of many aspects of Myanmar as a tourist destination. Myanmar is, apparently, "the land of human origin". Arts, culture history, maps - 23 rather useful maps, including street maps of town centres.
UN Home Page Gives reference material on UN resolutions etc.