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An up-to-date membership list is maintained, from which members can establish contact with each other if they wish. Our members are a fascinating and varied selection, and many have offered some information about themselves, their interests and their connection with Myanmar, as a way of introducing themselves to others. Do read about them by clicking on the membership list, and you can use the e-mail facility on it to get in touch with a fellow spirit.

Summaries and Transcripts of Lectures

Mar 2014:Journey to the Deep South*PDF by Tony Whitten
Mar 2013:Myanmar: Burma in Style 5,000 words   by Caroline Courtauld
Jun 2012:Merlin's Medical Work*PDF + 2 docs   by Charles Nelson
May 2012:Myanmar: from Army Rule to Constitutional Rule? 6,000 words   by Robert H Taylor
May 2010:An Innocent in Mrauk U 30 min   by Derek Brooke-Wavell
May 2009:Gordon Luce*8,600 words   by Dr Pamela Gutman
Mar 2009:Obituary of a Botanist: U Chit Ko Ko 1,260 words   by David Sayers
Nov 2008:Seeding the Future*4,500 words   by Diana Millington
Mar 2006:Getting Inside Myanmar Painting* 2,100 words   by John Glass
Jan 2006:Unlocked: Secrets of the Sazigyo Tapes*2,250 words   by Ralph Isaacs
Nov 2005:Bold and Old Soldiers of Myanmar* 5,500 words   by Lt Col Sam Pope, OBE, RM
May 2005:The Changing Face of Thingyan*3.000 words   by Peter Evans
Dec 2004:Médecins sans Frontières in Yangon* 1,000 words   by Muriel Volpellier
Nov 2004:Antiques Roadshow* 10,400 words   by nine experts on Burmese fine arts
Jun 2004:Briefing on Ethnic Politics* 12,600 words   by Ashley South
May 2004:A Carriage Fit for a King* 3,700 words   by Ralph Isaacs
Mar 2004: Son of Donnison* 4,900 words   by Professor David Donnison
Dec 2003:Second Chance in Mandalay* 3,900 words   by Diana Millington
Nov 2003: First Impressions of a Third Secretary* 3,360 words   by Martin Morland
June 2003:Family Routes* 11,000 words   by Wendy Law-Yone
May 2003: Elephants* 3,000 words   by Daw Khyne U Mar
Feb 2003:Myanmar 1999-2002 2,600 words   by Victoria Billing
Dec 2002: Magic Places, Magic Times* 12,000 words   by Sir Nicholas and Lady Fenn
June 2002: The Art and Magic of Myanmar Tattooing* 2,500 words   by Will Womack
Feb 2002: Life in the Southern Chin Hills* 6,600 words   by Helga So-Hartmann
Dec 2001: Yangon Revisited* 7,800 words   by Professor Robert H Taylor
May 2001: By Car to Mong Lar* 5,600 words   by Vicky Bowman
Mar 2001: Folk Tales of Myanmar 4,800 words   by Gerry Abbott and Daw Khin Thant Han
Feb 2001: A Myanmar Time Capsule* 8,000 words   by Joanna Wright
Dec 2000: Spirit Journey from Shwegu* 4,300 words   by Mandy Sadan
Nov 2000:White on White* 5,700 words   by Tiffany White
Jun 2000: Border Minorities Revisited 4,300 words   by Martin Smith
May 2000:New Ways to Beat Malaria 8,000 words   by HE Dr Kyaw Win
Mar 2000: Life and Buddhism in a Myanmar Village 4,800 words   by Naoko Kumada
Feb 2000:Diplomatic Incursions, 1995-99 4,600 words   by Pam and Robert Gordon
Dec 1999:Myanmar's Botanical Treasures 2,900 words   by David Sayers
May 1999:An Economist in Yangon 3,000 words   by Professor Anne Booth
Feb 1999:Myanmar Over & Over Again 3,000 words   by Professor Stephen Smith MA, DM, PhD
Dec 1998:Myanmar Lacquerware  500 words   by Ralph Isaacs, OBE
Jun 1998:Murals of the Jataka Stories 2,100 words   by Alexandra Green
May 1998: Myanmar Short Stories Today 3,800 words   by Anna Allott, OBE
Mar 1998: People and Eyes in Myanmar Today 2,400 words   by Richard Packard, F.R.C.Opthth
Feb 1998: Fifty years of the Myanmar State 2,800 words   by Robert H. Taylor
Dec 1997: Who Really Killed Aung San? 2,100 words   by Rob Lemkin
Nov 1997: The Fate of the Myanmar Royal Family 2,200 words   by Dr U Thant Myint-U
May 1997: New Approach to Malaria Control 1,400 words   by Dr Roger Webber
Mar 1997: Myanmar's Fantastic Supernatural World 1,800 words   video by Yves Rodrigue; commentary by Martin Morland
Feb 1997: Myanmar Revisited 1,800 words   by John Okell
*Illustrated with miniatures of slides.


Links to 122 Book Notes in Meeting notices

Book Reviews and Discounts

3 reviews by Philip Plumb, and
4 reviews by Patricia Herbert (6,200 words)  
Last of the Guardians
Chinthe Women
Epilogue in Burma 1945-48
Among Insurgents; Walking Through Burma
Burma: Insurgency & the Politics of Ethnicity
Nationalism as Political Paranoia in Burma
Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics
26 book discounts   The White Umbrella by Patricia Elliott, with prologue by Bertil Lintner:
Ballads of Burma by Ulay
Brahmanical Gods of Burma by Niharranjan Roy
Burma's lost Kingdoms: Splendours of Arakan by Pamela Gutman
Burmese Lacquerware (HB, PB) by Sylvia Fraser-Lu
Festivals and Flowers of the Twelve Burmese Seasons by Khin Myo Chit
In Search of Sunlight: Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand by Pim Koetsawang
Journal of a Voyage Through Pegu & Martaban by Robert Abreu
On the Road to Mandalay: Tales of Ordinary People by Mya Than Tint
Our Trip to Burmah by Charles Alexander Gordon
Sanskrit Buddhism in Burma by Niharranjan Roy
Splendour in Wood: the Buddhist Monasteries of Burma by Sylvia Fraser-Lu
The British Humiliation of Burma by Terence Blackburn
Theravada Buddhism in Burma by Niharranjan Roy
The Traveller's History of Burma by Gerry Abbott
Welcome to Burma and Enjoy the Totalitarian Experience by Timothy Syrota
Whispers at the Pagoda - Portraits of Modern Burma by Julie Sell

Burma: Frontier Photographs by Elizabeth Dell, John Falconer, Mandy Sadan, David Odo
Through the Jungle of Death by Stephen Brookes
Burma: Insurgency and the Politics of Ethnicity by Martin Smith
Living Silence - Burma under Military Rule by Christina Fink
The Art of Burma: New Studies edited by Donald Stadtner

Ma Ma Hta by Denise MacDonald
Epilogue in Burma 1945-48: The military dimension of British withdrawal by John McEnery
From the Dogs of War to a Brave New World and Back Again - BURMA '47 by Gavin Fowells

Past Meeting Notices

With book particulars and UK events as well as brief meeting details
Each meeting notice is around 700 words long
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Links to 122 Notes on Books on Myanmar - from Meeting Notices


Memoirs and Biographical Notes
By Sir Nick Larmour, KCMGIn Myanmar 1945-48    6,800 words Myanmar: Waiting for the End
By former Canadian Ambassador John HadwenIn Myanmar 1967-71   15,600 words Canada-Burma Relations 1967-71
By Tom Barton       750 words My mother, Mary Barton

Myanmar Art Gallery

Anna Allott OBEReview of Exhibition, Burma and the Art of Lacquer at the British Museum.
700 words with two colour photos, expandable to full screen size.
Burmese artist Arthur Sun-Myint   6 paintings, expandable to full screen size.
Burmese artist Min Wae Aung5 paintings, expandable to full screen size.
British artist Sylvia Molloy5 paintings and 3 pen-and-ink drawings, all done in Myanmar in 1941.

Research - Bogyoke Bulletin Board

The debate on who may have been behind the tragic assassination of General Aung San in 1947.
On the 50th anniversary of General Aung San's death, BBC TV ran a programme, produced by Rob Lemkin, that looked at the possibility that a small and little-known British group had given U Saw covert support prior to the assassination. Since then, many historians and others have given their own opinions, some of which we run.

Rob Lemkin's presentation to the Britain-Myanmar Society   2,000 words
A commentary from the Myanmar Embassy in Ottowa   1,700 words
A counter to that, from "Nemesis"   1,600 words
Another view, from H.A. Stonor   1,700 words
Additional material from Rob Lemkin   1,200 words
6 web pages of verbatim reports of U Saw's trial in 1947, from The Burman.   6,600 words
Assassination account from former Deputy Secretary, Sir Nick Larmour, KCMG   1,500 words
Further comment from U Kin Oung, who wrote the book Who Killed Aung San?   1,000 words